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With us, you can acquire a completely new domain for your website for a price you’ll love. It is possible to pick from more than 50 generic and country–code domain extensions. To take control of all your domains, you will have our user–friendly Domain Name Manager tool at your disposal. It’s going to assist you to swiftly change your WHOIS information, to route a domain to an alternative host, to transfer a domain you’ve registered somewhere else and many more.

Furthermore, we currently have an extraordinary offer for you. With each of our shared web hosting plans, you’ll receive a cost–free domain name for life. It’s possible to take care of all of its settings and to set up a website for it as part of your account with a click of the mouse.

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Domain Name Only
TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years
.com FREE $10.95 $21.90 $32.85 $43.80 $54.75 $65.70 $76.65 $87.60 $98.55
.net FREE $10.95 $21.90 $32.85 $43.80 $54.75 $65.70 $76.65 $87.60 $98.55
.org $10.00 $22.00 $34.00 $46.00 $58.00 $70.00 $82.00 $94.00 $106.00 $118.00
.info $11.00 $24.00 $37.00 $50.00 $63.00 $76.00 $89.00 $102.00 $115.00 $128.00
.biz $11.00 $23.50 $36.00 $48.50 $61.00 $73.50 $86.00 $98.50 $111.00 $123.50
TLD 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years
.club $12.50*$16.00 $32.00 $48.00 $64.00 $80.00 $96.00 $112.00 $128.00 $144.00 $160.00
.space $7.00*$11.00 $22.00 $33.00 $44.00 $55.00 $66.00 $77.00 $88.00 $99.00 $110.00
.site $10.00*$28.00 $56.00 $84.00 $112.00 $140.00 $168.00 $196.00 $224.00 $252.00 $280.00
.party $4.00*$29.00 $58.00 $87.00 $116.00 $145.00 $174.00 $203.00 $232.00 $261.00 $290.00
.pro $5.50*$17.00 $34.00 $51.00 $68.00 $85.00 $102.00 $119.00 $136.00 $153.00 $170.00
* the price is valid for 1-year registrations only

ID Protection

An excellent way to cover up your own private information

With the WHOIS protection service, you can hide your private info that can be seen on the World Wide Web upon a WHOIS lookup on your domain name. By doing this, when somebody runs a WHOIS lookup on your domain name, they’ll see fictional details rather than your personal details. With this option enabled, you won’t ever need to worry that somebody could use your physical address or phone number to bother you.

The WHOIS protection functionality is available with the majority of the Top–Level Domain extensions offered on our web sute and you can find it in the Domain Manager built into your Control Panel.

ID Protection

Multiple Domain Management

Be in charge of numerous domain names at a time

From our Domain Manager, you can effortlessly manage loads of domain names from a single location. You will gain access to an immense set of DNS controls and will also be able modify multiple domain names at the same time.

Plus, if you also have a cloud hosting account with us, you will be able to manage both your domain names and your web sites from one single place.

Multiple Domain Management

Domain Manager

One–stop domain control solution

The Domain Manager is part of our web hosting Control Panel and includes all the features that you need to manage your domain names. It features an intuitive interface via which you can edit DNS settings, alter WHOIS data, lock your domain name or create subdomain names with a click.

With the Domain Manager tool you could even buy additional services such as WHOIS protection and SSLs.

Domain Manager

Multiple Custom DNS Records

A, AAAA, MX, CNAME records and even more

From the Custom DNS section of the Domain Manager, you’ll be able to update different types of DNS resource records for your domain names, including A, AAAA, MX, NS, SRV, CNAME and TXT resource records. Adding a new resource record is amazingly easy. Just pick a domain and specify the DNS record that you want. Any change you make will be reflected live within just one day. If you’d like to recover the default DNS resource record value, simply push the Revert button.

The Custom DNS section also sports a GeoIP location tool, which permits you to point visitors from a certain geographical region to a particular language version of your web site.

Multiple Custom DNS Records

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Promptly set up location–based redirections

With the GeoIP location tool incorporated into the Domain Manager, you’ll be able to point a particular language version of your website to a given geographical market. It boasts an easy–to–use point–and–click interface where you do not need to fill any code. All you have to do is specify the country of origin of your future website visitors together with the URL that you’d like to open for those visitors.

For example, if you have a German version of your website at de.your–, you need to enter it in the URL field and then select Germany as a preferred target market. This way, every time a visitor from Germany pays a visit to your web site, they’ll see de.your– instead of your–

GeoIP Redirection Tool

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